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Pulse Cleaning Intake System for Orenda OGT2500 BioFuel Gas Turbine


Desert environments typically have a high dust load in the air, which is made up of larger particles that are dry.  An effective filter for this application is a pulse cleaning system.  However, dry is the key word because if you have moisture or industrial emissions, ie: vehicular traffic, you introduce pollutants into the air that create a sticky ‘dirt cake.’ Dirt cakes will not pulse-off as well, degrading the value of the pulse filter system.  Pulse clean filters are also good in an environment that has frost.  Light frost can be pulsed-off the media, allowing for lower operating pressure drops in cold/frosty conditions.  Therefore, LoTec will work very close with their customers to ensure they receive the optimum system for their situation.  

Feel free to call if you would like to discuss your particular pulse filtration situation, LoTec would be happy to get you some help. (972) 462-7884.

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